Oral Health


Implantology is one of the most complex branches of dentistry with which any patient who has lost one or more teeth can enjoy a flawless smile. There are [...]


What is orthodontics? Orthodontics and Dento-Facial Orthopedics are a branch of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dento-maxillary anomalies.   What are orthodontic appliances? […]


What is dental prophylaxis? This term aims to prevent dental diseases and prevent complications in case of existing conditions. What does dental prophylaxis entail and what does our [...]

Oral surgery

What is dentoalveolar surgery? Dento-alveolar surgery is concerned with: the study, prevention and surgical treatment of dento-periodontal diseases, respectively through: endodontics, pre-prosthetics, dento-periodontal traumatology, periodontal surgery and dental [...]

Prosthetic dentistry

What is dental prosthetics? Prosthetics is the part of dentistry that deals with the morpho-functional and aesthetic restoration of the oral cavity with the help of a biocompatible […]


Periodontal disease , popularly called periodontitis , is a chronic inflammatory or degenerative condition caused by microbial flora in the oral cavity. It affects the structures that support [...]

Dental aesthetics

Dental aesthetics is the field of dentistry dedicated to the art and science of improving a person’s smile and overall appearance, which leads to a better image and […]