Dental aesthetics

Dental aesthetics is the field of dentistry dedicated to the art and science of improving a person’s smile and overall appearance, which leads to a better image and increased self-confidence.

In the past, we had few options to improve your smile, but today we have a wide range of dental cosmetic techniques and materials to improve or completely rehabilitate your smile.

The standard cosmetic procedures performed in our clinic are:

  • Teeth whitening – laser whitening zoom
  • Direct veneer with composite
  • E-MAX pressed ceramic veneers
  • E-MAX pressed ceramic dental crowns
  • Tooth-colored fillings
  • Dental accessories
  • Gum remodeling
  • Cosmetic dentistry


Tooth whitening is the way we come to the aid of our patients, who want whiter and brighter teeth.

This procedure is performed exclusively by our specialist doctors, with top equipment.

The procedure is done with the Philips Zoom whitening lamp, the most performing in the world at the moment.

Thanks to the latest technology, unlike the classic whitening methods, in our clinic you have an experience

as pleasant as possible. The low temperature and the advanced filters used by the Philips Zoom lamp ensure increased comfort

our patients with sensitive teeth.

How does a whitening session work and how long does it take?

For starters, as a standard procedure and included in the price, our patients are given a professional hygiene (descaling, NSK airflow and brushing).

The application of the gingival barrier for the protection of the mucous membranes of the active substance that is applied on the teeth follows, after which the whitening gel is applied.

This is 35% hydrogen peroxide (according to EU regulations). The gel action is accelerated with the Zoom lamp for 15 minutes.

The sessions can be repeated up to 4 times, to reach the desired result. In our experience, however, the first meeting is sufficient for a satisfactory result.

Finally, our doctors will apply a fluoridation gel to reduce tooth sensitivity.

The duration of the whole procedure is about 1 hour.


Why do teeth color and what can we do to keep them white for longer?

Our teeth, throughout life, come into contact with all the foods we eat.Thus it was noticed that red wine, coffee, tea, chocolate

and even smoking, are most often responsible for accelerating the process of staining teeth.

Thus, in order to maintain the white color of the teeth for a longer time, it is recommended to avoid them at least 10 days after the whitening.


How long does the effect of teeth whitening with Philips Zoom last?

The result will be visible between 1 and 2 years, depending on the hygiene and eating habits of the patient. Periodic check-up and follow-up of dental status are recommended. Our specialist may recommend a repeat sanitation if necessary.

Philips Zoom Dentics Team lamp


Whitening with ZOOM lamp

Our ZOOM Plasma Lamp Teeth Whitening System, offered by our clinic, offers remarkable results in just 20 minutes of treatment in the dental office.

The procedure is harmless and uncomfortable, and the short treatment time, as well as the very bright shades obtained make it very demanding, especially for patients for whom time is very precious and “take home bleaching” systems are tiring. Also, tooth whitening with a lamp is very useful and indicated in case of events that require a flawless smile in a very short time (weddings, parties, conferences, various social events).

With the help of the ZOOM whitening system, results are obtained in a very short time. The whitening system in the dental office can provide results of up to a few shades, whitening and brightening the teeth visibly.

Your lips and gums will be covered, protected, leaving your teeth free. Then the whitening gel is applied to the teeth, and special light is placed on top of them to activate and increase the intensity of whitening.

Stay relaxed and during this time your teeth become whiter every minute.


E-MAX pressed ceramic veneers

Excellence in dental aesthetics is given by the ceramic veneers used in the case of:

  • Unsightly interdental spaces
  • Minor and moderate dental “crowding”
  • Low and medium intrinsic staining (tetracycline and fluorosis)

Fatete Dentare Dentics Team