Medical Tourism


A medical tourism package usually includes all the other factors to ensure that you have a safe and successful and especially enjoyable trip.

Patients will have preliminary meetings and diagnostic procedures prior to actual surgery or treatment. They will have the opportunity to explore the new country and get the most out of their vacation. Expect to stay between 3 and 10 days when you go to another country.

What are the advantages of opting for a dental treatment at Dentics Team in Romania?

  • Servicii de talie mondiala oferita de medici specialisti si aparatura ultramoderna.

The team of physicians specializing in dento-maxillofacial surgery, dental aesthetics, dental prosthetics and implantology, along with laser technology, state-of-the-art dental technology and modern techniques will ensure that the patient will benefit from quality services in the shortest time. possible.

  • Cost reduced by up to 70% compared to the cost of treatment in your own country.

The difference in costs between the services offered by Romanian dentists and those in most western countries is hard to overlook.

  • Special holiday, tourists who choose Dentics Team medical services can opt for a wide range of tourist or recreational objectives.

Romania offers both cultural and geographical diversity that is hard to find in other countries.

The richness of traditions amazes any tourist, palettes, castles, monasteries, vineyards and local architecture will surely satisfy the most demanding tastes.

What are the most sought after dental services offered by Dentics Team?

The most popular dental services required by foreign patients are:

When they decide to go to the Dentics Team dental services, patients opt for a complete treatment plan that solves all their problems, so that they can end their vacation with perfect teeth.




What goals can a patient visit after treatment or between treatment days?

How does it work and what are the steps to benefit from a Dentics Team treatment?

  • The patient requests an appointment in order to prepare the treatment plan (link with contact details).

  • Dentics Team will schedule an online meeting(video conference on Facetime, Whats-up, Teams, etc.) between the specialist doctor and the patient to determine the patient’s need and the necessary documents in order to prepare the treatment plan.
  • The patient sends x-ray / x-rays, analyzes if necessary and other documents according to those agreed in the previous meeting.
  • The Dentics Team submits the treatment plan, a detailed plan, time horizon, cost and alternative treatment options if applicable. The doctor contacts the patient in order to describe the treatment plan, its rationality and to present the advantages and disadvantages for the alternative cases.
  • The patient accepts the appropriate treatment plant and sets the treatment period
  • Dentics team can facilitate the organization of the stay in Romaniathrough the partner travel agency, providing the patient with access to plane tickets, accommodation, transfer, translator, activities to visit available outside of treatment hours.
  • Ulterior tratamentului Dentics Team va urmarii periodic evolutia tratamentului prin intalniri online cu pacientul si radiografii.





What are the main costs of a vacation in Bucharest, Romania?

By plane, some examples of the cost of plane tickets to Bucharest, for an adult, round trip:

  • London – Bucharest between 59 and 81 euros
  • Brussels – Bucharest between 48 and 92 euros
  • Rome – Bucharest between 52 and 74 euros
  • Madrid – Bucharest between 110 and 140 euros
  • Paris – Bucharest between 140 and 195 euros
  • Moscow – Bucharest between 215 and 333 euros

Accommodation, some examples of accommodation in Bucharest in apartments or hotels

Airport – hotel – airport transfer:

  • Standard car, prices between 20-40 euro / car (Renault Megane 2018 or similar)
  • Premium car, prices between 30-50 euro / car (BMW 5 series, Mercedes E-class or similar)
  • Minivan 8 + 1 seats, prices between 30-50 euros / car (Opel Vivaro 2018, Ford Transit Custom or similar)

How can you organize a stay in Romania?

Through our Belditours partners.

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