Periodontal disease , popularly called periodontitis , is a chronic inflammatory or degenerative condition caused by microbial flora in the oral cavity. It affects the structures that support the tooth on the arch: the gum, the periodontal ligament and the alveolar bone.

More and more patients come to the office with various forms of this condition, more or less severe. Periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss and affects patients of all ages, with the most aggressive forms being found in adolescents and young adults.

Factors favoring periodontitis:

Bacterial plaque

  • Tartar (by its mechanical action, but also by keeping bacteria in contact with the gums)
  • Genetic factor (a predisposition to periodontal disease)
  • Smoking (both by the local effect on the tissues of the oral cavity and by its general action)
  • Improper arrangement of teeth on the arch and occlusion (auxiliary orthodontic treatment is required)
  • Inadequate treatments that cannot be properly sanitized
  • Occlusal trauma (teeth subject to greater forces than they should)
  • General health conditions

What does the treatment entail?

Initial therapy : this involves deep and complete sanitization of the oral cavity (descaling, subgingival curettage, professional brushing, air flow, etc.).

For more severe cases, periodontal resective or regenerative surgical treatment is indicated.





Periodontometry (specialist consultation) – 150Lei

Open field curettage (per tooth/implant) – 350Lei (does not include addition materials)

Closed field curettage (per tooth/implant) – 150Lei

Antiseptic treatment – 50Lei / tooth

Temporary composite/tooth immobilization – 450Lei (includes bar)

Vaccine for tissue restoration of gum resorption – 700Lei

Gingival augmentation – €200-300

Prp Own plasma treatment – 200€