What is dental prophylaxis?

This term aims to prevent dental diseases and prevent complications in case of existing conditions.

What does dental prophylaxis entail and what does our dental clinic provide?

Dentics Team Clinic offers a range of dental prophylactic treatments:

  • dental brushing techniques, flossing, antiseptic mouthwash and sanitary aids;
  • sealing of ditches and dimples on tooth surfaces;
  • ultrasonic descaling, professional brushing and air-flow;
  • local fluoridation with the help of gutters.
  • Preventing the appearance of cavities, the accumulation of bacterial plaque and tartar are essential in maintaining oral health and avoiding the occurrence of other diseases in the oral cavity.

In order to have beautiful and healthy teeth, dental prophylaxis must begin with the appearance of the first teeth and must be continued throughout life. Prophylaxis is the first and most important stage of dental care. Adherence to prophylactic measures saves time, effort and eliminates any discomfort from dental treatments.

Patients are advised to visit their dentist twice a year to maintain proper dental hygiene and to perform a dental examination. This is a systematic process during which the dentist will investigate various aspects of oral and general health to identify problems, develop a personalized treatment for hygiene and prophylaxis.

Sedinta complexa de profilaxie (detartraj ultrasunete, periaj profesional, airflow,instructaj igiena orala)

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