Dermapen 4

Medical device used in the micro needling procedure to replace the old scar tissue and stimulate the skin cells for a new regeneration:

– Treatment of post-acne / postoperative / atrophic scars

– Stretch marks

– Improves fine wrinkles

– Dilated pores

– Elasticity

It involves a short recovery time, it is a painless procedure!

Dermapen 4 Clinica Dentics Team

The treatment consists of 2-4 sessions every one month.

Due to the vibration, it reduces unpleasant sensations, stimulates the growth of neocolagen, does not break the skin compared to other devices.

Can be combined with other therapies!

Stimulates skin rejuvenation and lift.


May be associated with mesotherapy

Duration of treatment 15-20 min

After the intervention, healing creams with sunscreen are used.

After treatment the patient may feel:

– Slight redness

– Possible swelling

– Burning sensation

– Discomfort possible 24-48 hours