Facial Analyzer – Opatra Led Mask

Complete facial analysis and a session with the OPATRA CLEO LED mask

119 RON

Masca Opatra Led Clinica Dentics Team


We are waiting for you in our clinic to discover together the needs of your skin with the help of the facial analyzer and to help it with an OPATRA CLEO MASK session.

The procedure is completely painless and non-invasive. The analyzer will scan your face with the help of several types of light and then, in just a few minutes, it will give us complete details about your skin. Depending on the result we will choose the right LED treatment.

At the end of the meeting you will receive by mail or print the full report.

Light is known to combat beauty problems: it inhibits the formation of melanin pigment, fights acne and dermatitis and improves the appearance of scars and wrinkles.

Using this mask balances skin tone and improves circulation to the face and neck and is an effective therapy mask for all skin types.


Masca Opatra Led Clinica Dentics Team


Treatment effects:

Smooth and more elastic skin

Improves and gives firmness to the skin texture

Reduces and helps prevent wrinkles

Fights fat from the face and neck

Minimizes pores

Balances the tone

Improves circulation

Inhibits melanin pigment formation

Fight acne

Accelerates blood circulation


Masca Opatra Led Clinica Dentics Team


LED face mask uses the treatment with 7 photon lights

Red light – It is one of the strongest colors because it accelerates blood circulation, stimulates skin cells in the production of collagen for a texture firm and smooth skin. The red light penetrates 8-10 mm into the skin layer and is suitable for all skin types.

Blue light – It is excellent for curing acne, killing bacteria and improving the appearance of sensitive skin.

It penetrates approximately 0.5 mm into the skin layer and has the function of calming rashes; suitable for the treatment of sensitive, oily and rashed skin. It can regulate the sebum secretion of the skin, in addition, the blue light has an astringent function.

Green light – Green light is suitable for combination skin, reduces and helps prevent wrinkles, fine lines heal wounds.

Yellow light – Improves microcirculation and inhibits melanin production to fade blemishes, freckles and other skin discolorations.

Cyan light – The mild treatment of acne is done with the help of this light. It reduces inflammation in the skin, improves the appearance of oily skin, and while it has beneficial effects on acne and blackheads, it also helps in the synthesis of proteins and collagen.

Light purple – Relaxes the skin, improves lymphatic metabolism, strengthens tissues, shrinks pores, removes yellow spots on the skin, wrinkles, premature acne, speeds up blood circulation and activates skin tissues.

White light – Relaxes the skin and activates the skin’s natural restorative system, reverses the effects of aging and at the same time restores a younger and healthier skin.