Oral Health

Implantology is one of the most complex branches of dentistry with which any patient who has lost one or more teeth can enjoy a flawless smile.

There are several ways to replace missing teeth, from dental bridges to dentures, but these cannot be up to the performance of implants.

There are also several causes that lead to tooth loss, including untreated caries, accidents or simple aging.

What is the procedure?

Restoring the function of the teeth, by replacing the dental root, on which occasion several risks are prevented, from the migration of the teeth, to the bone resorption, while the appearance is impeccable. Also, the implants are mostly made of titanium, a material well assimilated by the body, which does not present risks.

As in the case of any other dental treatment, the first step is to perform a check-up at the specialist, where, depending on the situation presented, appropriate measures will be taken, starting with the stage of surgery.

Thus, the implant is inserted into the maxillary bone, so that in the next period it will be assimilated by the body. In addition, if necessary, other teeth can be extracted so that the treatment can be carried out in the best conditions.

During the healing period, temporary prosthetic works can sometimes be worn, and the prosthetic abutment will be prepared, which can be seen as an extension of the implant and with the help of which the dental crown will be added.

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Ards dental implant – 400€ (includes prosthetic bridge)

Dentium dental implant – 500€ (without prosthetic bridge)

Megagen Eny-Ridge dental implant – 600€ (includes prosthetic bridge)

Open sinus lift – 750€ (includes bone and membrane)

Dark sinus lift – 350€ (includes supplies)

Bio-bone/tooth additive 1gr – 200€ (100€ bone +100€ labour)

BIO-GIDE Membrane – 100€ – BIO-GIDE

Exploration – 400Lei

Implant Discovery – 100Lei

Sealing ditches and tooth pits – 100Lei

Tooth veneer – 100Lei