Oral surgery

What is dentoalveolar surgery?

Dento-alveolar surgery is concerned with: the study, prevention and surgical treatment of dento-periodontal diseases, respectively through: endodontics, pre-prosthetics, dento-periodontal traumatology, periodontal surgery and dental implantology.

The Dentics Team Dental Clinic offers the following surgeries:

  • Dental implants: minor surgery, through which a titanium implant is inserted instead of an extracted tooth;
  • Sinus lift: surgical work with a high degree of difficulty, through which artificial bone is inserted under the sinus membrane, which will be the future support of the implants at the level of the upper jaw;
  • Apical resections: sectioning of the root tip and curettage of the pathological tissue near it;
  • Regularization of edentulous ridges for protection;
  • Root amputation
  • Premolarization
  • Bone addition (after extraction, cystectomy, resection) BIO BONE
  • Resorbable membrane
  • Pericoronaritis treatment
  • Post-extraction wound suture
  • Extraction:
    Tooth extraction is performed only if the teeth can no longer be saved, are mobile, unrecoverable. Conservative tissue treatment is a priority, always keeping in mind the final image we want to reach, making a correct management of both soft and hard tissues.
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  • Endodontic drainage
  • Abscess incision