Oral Health

What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics and Dento-Facial Orthopedics are a branch of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dento-maxillary anomalies.


What are orthodontic appliances?

Orthodontic appliances are special devices that act to realign teeth, re-train muscles and influence the growth of the jaws. They work by applying light pressure to the teeth and jaws.


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What are our orthodontic treatments?

  • Fixed orthodontics by fixed braces:
    • metal
    • earthenware
    • The sapphire
  • Mobile orthodontics by mobile device
  • Lingual orthodontics through lingual dental appliances
  • Lingual orthodontics by Incognito device


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What are the benefits of orthodontic treatment?

  • In the short term, the benefits are the alignment of the teeth and the obtaining of an ideal bite, as well as the patient’s satisfaction through the perfectly planned smile from the beginning, which will be according to the aesthetic criteria of the American Academy of Dental Cosmetics.
  • The long-term benefits are the stability and functionality of the occlusion, which will protect the temporo-mandibular joint from the occurrence of possible dysfunctions (noises, pain) or to improve those present.
  • Extremely important is the health of the gums and the facial harmony obtained through treatment.

In addition, we are with our patients in the period of maintaining the results (contention), offering aesthetic advice to complete the orthodontic treatment, as well as minimally invasive procedures: hyaluronic acid. In complex cases of craniofacial deformities, when the treatment lasts until the age of 18, together with the other specialties, we take care of all the stages of the treatment in detail.


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